Currently, we have one face in sellable condition in Troup County. To view our inventory in this county, just scroll down the list below for face information, click on the pdf link to down load any face's photo sheet.

If you are interested in contracting with MCO to construct a billboard in a location you want it please call 941.685.3770, we can currently construct billboards in several areas across the county.

All Daily Effective Circulation (DEC) figures are in thousands.



Market: Troup County, City of LaGrange

Location: South side of 8-85, 1.06 miles West of Exit 13, facing West for Eastbound Traffic.

Lat: 32.978477, Lon: -85.049759

Size: 12' x 40' Illuminated.

D.E.C.:    45.7

SSC-005 - Pre-Rebuild.jpeg

LaGrange, GA

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